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The Cranbrook Vision

Cranbrook is one of the birthplaces of innovation, and we have been engaged in design thinking for almost a century. From Cranbrook's visionary founders George and Ellen Booth, to legendary architect Eliel Saarinen, sculptors Carl Milles and Marshall Fredericks, and design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames, innovators have provided the perfect environment for inquisitive students to grow, discover and create.

Cranbrook has embraced and valued iterative design processes since George Booth himself wrote that from experimentation comes, “…even a finer result than originally intended…for in failure we win experience.” From this vantage, Cranbrook Schools has always leveraged resources necessary for a truly formidable education, one that is both timeless and timely, one that cultivates thoroughly modern and essential habits of mind and heart: resilience, curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

The family would ultimately invest more than $2 billion (in today's dollars), partnering with Saarinen and other influential architects and artists for almost two decades, in order to realize their vision for Cranbrook and create something of lasting purpose for the community and the world.

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Shared Resources

Cranbrook Schools students benefit from the many resources on our 319-acre campus. In addition to the Institute of Science and the Art Museum, classes take advantage of the many nature trails and beautiful gardens, an award-winning natatorium, and a recently-renovated ice arena.

Our Students

Our Faculty