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Class Agents and Class Secretaries are enthusiastic alumni volunteers who serve as liaisons between their classmates and Cranbrook Schools. They share a commitment to connecting their classmates back to Cranbrook Kingswood, increasing alumni engagement and encouraging philanthropic support.

Class Agents

Cranbrook Schools Class Agents serve an important role of helping to increase and sustain alumni giving to the Schools Annual Fund. They typically work in teams of two to four to educate their fellow classmates on the importance of the Annual Fund as it relates to the success of the school, and they inspire participation in supporting the Schools Annual Fund.

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  • About Class Agents

    Class Agents should possess an enthusiasm for Cranbrook Schools, be willing to commit about one hour per month to the program as well as making their own Annual Fund gift. 
  • Becoming a Class Agent

    If you believe in the value of a Cranbrook education and want to help ensure the experience is available to students long into the future, please reach out to Laurie Snyder at LSnyder@cranbrook.edu to find out more about representing your class as a Class Agent.
  • List of Current Class Agents

    Molly L. Bartlett '48
    Paul M. Dodyk '55
    James J. Akers '57
    Robert M. Klein '58
    Raymond A. Sokolov '59
    Brock R. Landry '65
    Joan W. Cavanagh '66
    Mary K. Holmes '66
    Sheridan Strickland '66
    Sally C. Harris '72
    Phoebe L. Erdman '72
    Chase Brand ‘79
    Howard M. Brophy ‘83
    Anna J. Duff ‘88
    Erik S. Stamell ‘89
    Bradford P. Kroh ‘90
    Matthew L. Eriksen ‘90
    Nicole P. Bonk ‘92
    Rudy K. Yukich ‘00
    Alex S. Paul ‘07
    George N. Tepe ‘10
    Andrew J. Wilson ‘12
    Ryan Polk ‘13
    Gabe Irvin ‘20
    Elizabeth Saylor ‘16
    Theo Taubman ‘22

Class Secretaries

In their role, Cranbrook Kingswood Class Secretaries foster lasting relationships between and among classmates, maintain communications and cohesion within their classes and perpetuate class members’ ties with the school.

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  • About Class Secretaries

    Major responsibilities of Class Secretaries include communicating with classmates regularly through a variety of channels and assisting the school in maintaining good contact information for classmates. They solicit life updates and submit a class notes column for the school publication Tradition at least once a year. They are the first point of contact when the alumni office needs to communicate important information to their class, such as the loss of a classmate or faculty member.

    Depending on the needs of the class, secretaries may serve independently or as a team, striving to ensure that all members of their class are reached in a consistent manner and given opportunities to share their news. For milestone reunions they assist with communication, helping to recruit and/or serve on the reunion planning committee.
  • Becoming a Class Secretary

    If you are interested in becoming a Class Secretary or have questions about how to contact or best assist your Class Secretary, please email alumni@cranbrook.edu for more information.
  • List of Current Class Secretaries

    For contact information for your Class Secretary, email the Alumni Office at alumni@cranbrook.edu

    Charles Shaw, Former Faculty 
    Kathy Discenna, Honorary Alumni     
    June Daisley Lockhart ‘38
    Jim Kurfess ‘43
    Tom Austin ‘44
    Nancy    Fitzgerald Kerver ‘44
    John Searles ‘45
    Ann Gehrke Aliber ‘46
    Bruce Smith ‘48
    Sally Laughlin Kehren ‘49
    Walt Denison ‘49
    Sally Landis Bohon ‘50
    Harley Warner ‘50
    Allan Levy ‘51
    Alice Shaw Aikens ‘51
    Ann Wettlaufer Benjamin ‘52
    Stan Hirt ‘52
    Elliott Trumbull ‘53
    Sue Martin Tritschler ‘53
    Ann Osborn Hartzell ‘54
    Jack Bagdade ‘54
    Ann Merseles Reed ‘55
    Bill Raisch ‘55
    Colleen McMahon Orsatti ‘56
    John Raviolo ‘56
    Rubyjean Landsman Gould ‘57
    Jim Akers ‘57
    Don LeMessurier ‘58
    Sally Waddell Goshorn ‘59
    Hank Hoffman ‘59
    Mitch Grayson ‘60
    Susan Fead Coflin ‘60
    Floyd Bunt ‘61
    Margaret Greaves Adams ‘61
    Linn Hobbs ‘62
    Judy Bartholomew Royer ‘62
    Ken Haller ‘63
    Sandy Adamson Clanahan ‘63
    Steve Cook ‘64
    Leslie Schimpke Johnston ‘64
    Graham McDonald ‘65
    Yvette Daunic Howard ‘65
    Judy Conrad Sherman ‘66
    Stuart White ‘66
    Ted Lowrie ‘67
    Lora Morton ‘67
    Jan Decker Burggraaf ‘68
    Ron Fallon ‘68
    Rod Fonda ‘69
    Jeff Cowall ‘70
    Elizabeth Kerrigan ‘70
    Marc Stadler ‘71
    Nancy Henry Story ‘71
    Nicholas Koch ‘72
    Sally Christiansen Harris ‘72
    Lucy Chase Williams ‘73
    Joyce Wheaton Lander ‘74
    Pasquale Iaderosa ‘74
    Jeffrey Berger ‘75
    Kim Swirbul ‘75
    Bart Williams    ‘76
    Beth Newcombe Vogl ‘76
    Eric Booth ‘77
    Julie Rodecker ‘77
    Sue Ann Harrison Schredder ‘78
    Jim Lundy ‘79
    Tina John Grippi ‘79
    Sarah Aikens Post ‘80
    Scott Weinberg ‘80
    Jami Pyle Gregory ‘81
    Rob Edwards ‘81
    Lori Grey ‘82
    Barbara Rewey Newman ‘83
    Arash Babaoff ‘84
    Elizabeth Burrows Chapin ‘84
    Helaine Scholnick Pruzan ‘85
    Eric Rutin ‘85
    Paul Quick ‘86
    Laurie    Brown    Sabin ‘86
    Alan Davis ‘87
    Elizabeth Carmichael-Davis ‘87
    Jody Podolsky ‘88
    Erik Stamell ‘89
    Kay Brophy Baer ‘89
    Marcus Evangelista ‘90
    Marla Davidson Karimipour ‘90
    Casey Cheyne ‘91
    Julia Kao ‘91
    Susan Poulton ‘92
    Alexa Stanard ‘93
    John Matter ‘93
    Jonny Imerman ‘94
    Coco Moulder Wardlaw ‘94
    Kate Richard ‘95
    Carlos Medina ‘95
    Tiffany Fellberg Harris ‘96
    Leah Groth Ornstein ‘97
    Sharmili Hazra Edwards ‘98
    Jodie Kaufman Davis ‘99
    Joe Slade ‘00
    Sarah Jacob ‘01
    Aaron Melaas ‘02
    Elizabeth Miller Battin ‘02
    Kristin    Moul Driscoll    ‘02
    Stefanie Spiro Pohl ‘03
    Nikhil Kurapati ‘03
    Daniel    Choi ‘04
    Julia Kramer Pong ‘04
    Brad Portnoy ‘05
    Janice David ‘05
    Ryan Zampardo ‘05
    Muss Akram ‘06
    Theresa Tejada ‘06
    Alisha Varde ‘07
    Hannah Kaneck ‘08
    Becca    Kallen    Murden ‘08
    Peter Baumhart ‘08
    Adam Wells ‘09
    Maurice Hill ‘10
    Tessa Huttenlocher ‘10
    Emily Dzieciatko ‘11
    Sydney Sanders ‘12
    William Sun ‘14
    Alex Hubers ‘15
    Annabel LaBrecque ‘15
    Bennett Faliski ‘15
    Betsy Saylor ‘16
    Laura Roed ‘17
    Alexandra Grant ‘18
    Charlie Panfil    ‘18
    Aya Miller ‘19
    Jack Trees ‘19
    Tonia Ogolo ‘20
    Alexander Stamell ‘20
    Sherrye Ye ‘20
    Lydia Cheung ‘21
    Reet Singh ‘21
    Geoffrey Qin ’21
    Jonathan Zhao ‘21

Save the Date - Celebrating our Alumni Volunteer Leadership!

The Cranbrook Schools Volunteer Leadership Weekend, scheduled for October 8 and 9, 2021, is an opportunity to celebrate and support our passionate volunteers. Class Agents and Class Secretaries from across the decades, along with CRAN Regional Directors, gather the weekend of homecoming for events, activities, networking, and training.

The weekend begins with a reception prior to the Friday Night Lights Homecoming football game on October 8. On Saturday, October 9, volunteers will hear from administrators about what is happening at the schools and staff will equip you with tools and information to help you be successful in your role as an ambassador of the school. Click here for the full schedule.

Click here to register for the event.  A discounted block of rooms has been reserved at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bloomfield Hills and shuttle service will be provided to and from campus on Friday and Saturday.  Call 248.644.1400 to reserve your room or click here to visit their website.  Be sure to mention you are attending the Cranbrook Volunteer Leadership Weekend when making your reservation.