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Cranbrook Kingswood Alumni Association

The Cranbrook Kingswood Alumni Association is committed to fostering and strengthening the relationship between Association Members and the School and its students.  Through such endeavors, the Association shall actively support and advance the mission of the School.

The Board once a month throughout the school year. Committees of the Alumni Board are the Social Committee, Finance Committee, Communication Committee, and Service Committee. Email alumni@cranbrook.edu  for more information on Alumni Association activities.

Committee of Regional Alumni Networks (CRAN)

Keep in touch with Cranbrook Schools by participating in a local Alumni Network. Set up in cities and states across the country, Alumni Networks host events and provide many opportunities to see old friends and meet new people. These networks are already established in:

New England (MA, NH, VT, ME, RI)
New York (NY, NJ, CT)
Northern California
Southern California
Washington, D.C. (DC, VA, MD)

Last year, there were alumni events held in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. In the 2019-20 school year, outreach events are scheduled for Florida, Colorado and Chicago. Contact the alumni office at alumni@cranbrook.edu if you would like more information on regional events.

Regional Directors:
Avery Kerr Gordon '03, Chicago
Lydia Jeneras '04, Chicago
Eric Rothfeder '98, Chicago
Max He '09, China
Gregg Barker '80, Colorado
Missy Christie de Koning '80, Colorado
Meg Richard Ferron '92, Colorado
Betsy Rumely '72, Colorado
Aiko Alee Ortega '03, Florida
Aaron Gillum '96, Indiana
Sarah Yi '06, Korea
Hyunjong Na '05, Korea
John Matter '93, Louisville/Cincinnati
Christopher Sower '98, New England
Ernest Adams '94, New York
Joe Cybulski '07, New York
Amber Dawkins-Gavritsas '97, New York
Austen Hohendorf '09, New York
Alice Spero March '49, New York
George Tepe '10, New York
Chase Brand '79, Portland
Terry Goldberg Axelrod '67, Seattle
Ryan Bradley '91, Southern California
Glendon Palmer '89, Southern California
Jonathan Benninson '97, Washington, D.C.
Charlie Panfil '18, Washington, D.C.
Ferdinand Hauslein '61, Texas
Cory Kroneman '97, Local Regional Network Chair

Board Members

Helen Billig Reasoner ‘82, President
Carl Klemmer, '89, President-Elect
Meredith Gannes ‘03, Secretary
Alex Paul '07, Treasurer
Cory Kroneman ‘97, Ex-officio

Board Members
Ken Bassey ‘86
Laura Buus '75
Grant Drzyzga '10
Sharell Elam '99
Marilyn Franklin '96
Jalin Garrison '13
Jen Miller Heath '00
Sarah Levine Jacobs '82
Latonya Riddle-Jones ‘97
Steve Strickland ‘99
Will Wallace ‘02
Ekta Lobo Wilcox ‘89
Emeritus Members
Dave Baumhart ‘62
Laurie Frankel '79
Ann Osborn Hartzell-Kneen ‘54
Bill Hill '80
Wade Mezey '76
Jan Mittenthal Rosen '83
Ned Schneider '44