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So many of our hopes and dreams are based on college admission – a good school, the right school, an Ivy League school, an alma mater, a nearby public university with a great reputation. We all think about where we want our children to go to college. At Cranbrook, we know that you are already thinking about college. College admission is competitive. We have a developed strategy – one that has the benefit of years of experience and a thorough understanding of the changing landscape of college admission.

Our students excel in their passions and foster new interests. They are offered challenging and rigorous coursework at all levels and in all academic subjects – college level classes in math, science, English, history and foreign language. Our prep school program allows each student to create a path that allows them to achieve their goals.

You will hear a lot of stories from a lot of schools. Some may guarantee admission to certain colleges. Others report facts and scores that are difficult to compare with other schools. At Cranbrook, our students are well-educated, celebrated, and nurtured. Simply, they are incredibly well-prepared for college – and colleges all over the world know it.