Mission and Goals

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    The mission of the Horizons-Upward Bound (HUB) program is to prepare students who have limited opportunities from the Detroit Metropolitan area to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. We academically support the efforts of the students’ home school by providing services that assist students in pursuing and achieving their dreams and goals for their academic endeavors and beyond.

  • Goals

    GOAL I
    HUB will provide a comprehensive residential summer (6 weeks) and academic year (3 Saturdays a month) program that prepares low-income, potential first-generation college students in academic skills that will allow them to persist in secondary and post-secondary education. 

    HUB will ensure the long-term financial health and stability of the Horizons-Upward Bound Program at the Cranbrook Educational Community and secure the funds necessary to support the priorities and goals of the program.


With the guidance of faculty from Cranbrook Schools, Horizons-Upward Bound (HUB) began at Cranbrook in 1965 under the "Horizons" banner with a grant from the Ford Foundation. That same year, the U.S. Department of Education started the nationwide "Upward Bound" program as part of President Johnson's Great Society. When it became apparent that the local "Horizons" and the national "Upward Bound" programs were essentially the same, Cranbrook applied for and received a federal Upward Bound Grant in 1966 that resulted in what became Cranbrook Schools Horizons-Upward Bound.

Upward Bound is one of eight programs categorized as a TRIO program. TRIO programs are designed to identify promising students, prepare them to do college-level work, provide information on academic and financial aid opportunities and provide tutoring and support services to students once they reach campus.

The TRIO programs are:
• Upward Bound
• Veterans Upward Bound
• Upward Bound Math & Science
• Talent Search
• Student Support Services
• Educational Opportunity Centers
• Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement
• Training Program for Federal TRIO Programs


The Horizons-Upward Bound advisory board has members from Wayne and Oakland Counties, Cranbrook and Horizons-Upward Bound alumni, as well as leaders from the professional, business and non-profit communities:

Joseph B. Anderson, Jr. James B. Jenkins, Jr.
Lowell W. Baker, III Otto Kern, ’70
Beatrice Banks Brian T. LaFerriere
Hon. Sidney Barthwell, Jr., '65 Michael N. Lynch
Connie Colman, ’72 Mark L. Reuss, ’82
Jay Cooke *Ahmad Roby, ‘89
William Finnicum Dr. Michael Stafford
Linda Gillum, Ph.D. Paul Tobias
Phebe V. Goldstein Robert P. Ufer
*Phyllip Hall, ’84 *Joseph Washington, ’68
*Marquita Harris Sylvia, Esq., '82 Elizabeth L. Willoughby
Michael J. Hermanoff, ’57 (Chair)


Ex-Officio Members:
Dominic A. DiMarco
Cranbrook Educational Community
Dr. Darryl L. Taylor, H/C’70
Director, Horizons-Upward Bound

HUB Directors

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