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Director's Office

List of 3 items.

  • Jeff Suzik, Ph. D.

    Director of Schools
    (248) 645-3602
  • Zaineb Hussain

    Assistant Director of Schools
    (248) 645-3036
  • Farah Abu-Jazar

    Executive Assistant to the Director of Schools
    (248) 645-3602

General Information

Mailing Address:
Cranbrook Schools
PO Box 801 
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801

GPS Directions:
39221 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

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School Offices

List of 4 items.

  • Lower School

    Keith McConnell
    Head of Lower School
    (248) 645-3520

    Kai Robinson
    Asst. Head of Lower School
    (248) 645-3520

    Karen Watson
    Director of Early Childhood Center
    (248) 645-3513

    Teresa Coleman
    Asst. Dir. of Early Childhood Center
    (248) 645-3513
  • Middle School for Boys

    Lesley Rodriguez
    Head of Middle School for Boys
    (248) 645-3070

    Jeremy Lublin
    Dean of Students
    (248) 645-3097
  • Middle School for Girls

    Stacy Rivard
    Head of Middle School for Girls
    (248) 645-3420

    Marie Schluter
    Dean of Students
    (248) 645-3420
  • Upper School

    Noel Dougherty
    Head of Upper School
    (248) 645-3405

    Student Deans Office
    (248) 645-3400

    Academic Deans Office
    (248) 645-3605

    College Counseling Office
    (248) 645-3630

Other Offices

List of 5 items.

  • Admission Office

    Drew Miller
    Director of Enrollment
    (248) 645-3410
  • Advancement Office

    Harold Brown
    Director of Advancement
    (248) 645-3140
  • Alumni Office

    Susan Aikens Post
    Director of Alumni Relations
    (248) 645-3613
  • Business Office

    Weston Outlaw
    Director of Business Services
    (248) 645-3045
  • Press

    For information regarding the use of Cranbrook Schools’ identity and guides/standards for it’s usage, as well as any inquiry regarding the press or media, please contact the Communications office.

    Clay Matthews
    Director of Communications
    (248) 645-3409