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The student experience at Cranbrook Schools does more than prepare students for college in a wholly unique and authentic way. It prepares young learners to take their place after college as thinking adults in this highly-connected, global world.

Thanks to our international reputation, programs and partnerships, as well as our vibrant boarding program, students come from states across the country and nations around the world to live and learn at Cranbrook Schools. This international student body ultimately exposes students of every age to a wide range of ideas and viewpoints. It helps them become more worldly before they meet the world on their own, and it allows them to form lifelong friendships with remarkable young people from every walk of life and every point on the globe.
"One of the things that surprised me the most about coming to Cranbrook was how excited everyone was about learning. Discussions about a book we are studying or a lab we are working on continue in the hallways, in the dining room - even in the locker room! I love going to school where it is cool to learn."