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100 Days of Alumni Giving

Cranbrook has always embraced the pursuit of excellence. The campus, students, and faculty all embody the spirit of what can be accomplished by aiming high.

During this year’s 100 Days of Alumni giving, we are asking you to help us celebrate this tradition of excellence by recognizing some of the School’s most remarkable educators. This very special group of people, retiring this year, have left the Schools a better place.

Please consider making a gift in honor of their remarkable careers.

As we count down to Reunion 2019, we invite you to show your support through 100 Days of Alumni Giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Why should I support the Annual Fund?

    A. In addition to helping ensure that today’s students are able to enjoy the same quality of experience that you had, your participation in the Annual Fund – at any level – is considered as a measure of loyalty, which is used to help evaluate our status as an independent school.

    Your gift to the Schools Annual Fund is also 100% tax deductible.
  • Q. What does my Annual Fund gift support?

    A. Annual Fund dollars are directed towards the school’s most fundamental needs: faculty salaries and enrichment opportunities; academic programming and infrastructure, like classroom improvements and technological upgrades; and financial aid for deserving students. The Annual Fund also provides the budget for core programs, including fine and performing arts, athletics, student publications, residential life, and more. Everything that makes Cranbrook and Kingswood worth remembering, and worth your support.
  • Q. Can I designate my Annual Fund contribution for a specific purpose?

    A. The Annual Fund is, by nature, unrestricted; however, if you do not wish to support the general fund, you can earmark your contribution for one of three key priorities: Faculty Compensation; Campus and Classrooms; or Scholarship.
  • Q. When should I make my gift to the Annual Fund?

    A. The Annual Fund drive runs each year from July 1 to June 30, during which time you may be contacted by the Schools about making a contribution. Annual Fund gifts of any amount made during this time period count toward your annual class participation rate. Our most active giving periods are the end of the calendar year (for tax purposes) and in the period leading up to Reunion Weekend (March through June).
  • Q. How much should I give?

    A. Gifts of any amount are welcome and appreciated. Above all else, it is your participation that counts. For those who are interested, we do have a leadership giving society, the Twenty First Century Club (TFCC), which offers special benefits to donors who contribute $1,000 or more per year to the Schools Annual Fund. Learn more about TFCC.

"Why I Give..."

Jeffrey Harris '73
“Cranbrook is a unique institution that effectively melds science, humanities, and the arts to provide a balanced educational experience for those fortunate enough to gain admittance. Its dedicated faculty and innovative curriculum have demonstrated over a long period of time that Cranbrook helps produce outstanding students. Success breeds success and makes philanthropic support an easy decision.”
Charlene Reuss Grandelius, ’78
"Our family is so proud to support Cranbrook in many ways because Cranbrook is a part of us! I remember sitting in the Boathouse with my best friends (who remain in my life today) before we graduated and thinking that there could be no longer lasting gift that a parent could give than an education here. Both of our children are “lifers” at Cranbrook who feel the same gratitude as I do about Cranbrook. My friendship with the faculty that began at Kingswood remains today, and that amazes everyone I proudly tell!"
Daniel Kaufman '03
“I give so others can enjoy the same experiences that I had at Cranbrook. The environment provided me incredible opportunities for educational and personal growth during some of the most formative years. By giving back, I hope to enable other students the privilege of enjoying these same experiences.”
Stefanie Spiro Pohl ’03
“I feel so fortunate to have seven years of wonderful memories as a student at Cranbrook Kingswood, and to be able to give back to this beautiful place as an alumna. Supporting the Annual Fund means helping Cranbrook continue to provide a superlative education to future generations of students, as well as making sure my connection with Cranbrook lives on. As I prepare to celebrate my 15 year reunion with my classmates this summer, I look forward to visiting campus again and sharing it with my husband and two young daughters. Each part of campus contains a memory, each faculty member brings back a lesson, and each life-long friendship is treasured to this day. I give in honor of these invaluable gifts; it's the least I can do.”
Linda Wasserman Aviv ‘73
“Cranbrook means so much to me. I look back at my years at Kingswood with gratitude and great appreciation for the incredible teachers that I had, the friends that I made (and still have!), and the unparalleled experience of spending each day on Cranbrook’s remarkable campus. I feel lucky that I was able to share the gift of a Cranbrook education with our four children. It gives me great pleasure to be able to give back to Cranbrook, as Cranbrook has given so much to me and my family.”
Steven Phillip Siegel ‘08
“I've attended schools all over the world. Cranbrook was the greatest educational experience bar none. It molded my life in critical ways I continue to discover on literally a daily basis-the teachers, the athletic achievements, the legendary campus. It's been a pleasure for me to donate and contribute. I will continue to do so in perpetuity.”
Chelsea Shure Lientz '93
“Boarding at CK is a powerful experience. It’s a unique world that formed friendships and connections that have lasted a lifetime. I am proud to donate so that the next generation of Cranbrook / Kingswood boarders can thrive on campus.”
Logan Jacobson Most ’98
“It turns out that it's not that easy to write a testimonial about Cranbrook without making it a testimonial about me, as I truly believe that I am a product of my time there. Not only is there no place like Cranbrook, but there's really no place that even compares. Having been fortunate enough to attend Cranbrook for elementary, middle and high school, I learned an appreciation for architecture and arts, athleticism, college worthy study and communication skills, and a general preparedness for post high school life. I'm beyond proud to be a Cranbrook alum and use the skills it provided me on a daily basis. I give to the Annual Fund because if even the smallest contribution can help another student's educational experience, and in turn, maybe, just maybe, provide him or her with an experience like mine, it's worth it.”

Michael Kelter '88
“Cranbrook is an unrivaled community to be a part of, not just locally or even nationally, but internationally. I went to both the Middle and Upper Schools, met my wife there, and now both of our children are at Brookside - so there’s no stronger endorsement of our feelings for the place than this.”
Pamela Applebaum ‘83
"Kingswood/Cranbrook…it was home away from home. It was more than a school, it was a beautiful environment to not only learn in the classroom but also grow as a person. In the weaving studio I learned patience and the joy of creation. Student government taught me leadership and compassion for others. These lessons and so many more about friendship and determination have carried me forward in my life. Lessons I still reflect upon today. I am proud and honored to support and serve the school today so that future generations may benefit and flourish."

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