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Cranbrook Students Excel in National Mathematics Competitions

As the academic year ends, we recognize the hard working and talented math students at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School and their outstanding achievements this year.

The USA Junior Math Olympiad
(USAJMO) is an exam used to help determine the top math students in America in grades 10 and under.  Qualification for the USAJMO is considered one of the most prestigious awards for high school students in the United States. 
This year Cranbrook Kingswood had an unprecedented 4 qualifying students.
Justin Seo earned an Honorable Mention with a score that placed him in the top 100 in the nation. Nick Zhang was one of 9 students in the country to earn Top Honors.  As a result, he was invited and will attend a summer camp focused on training and selecting International Olympiad team members.
The American Math Contests, the first step in qualifying for the Olympiads, are offered for grades, 8, 10 and 12, with the high school contests having both an “A” and “B’ test day. 
Young Women in Mathematics Prizes reward and encourage young women in math by recognizing the top 5 female students in each region for each of these contests.
Michelle Chen, Sarah Sim and Sophia Yang all earned certificates of achievement on both “A” and “B” contest days.  We are proud to say that the young women of Cranbrook Kingswood earned more awards than STEM powerhouses such as Thomas Jefferson, Harker, Lakeside, PRISM, and both Phillips Academies.
Congratulations to all students who participated in these challenging contests!