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CK State Champions in Economics

All sixteen members of the Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School Economics Club distinguished themselves last week at the National Economics Challenge (NEC) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch, with one team ultimately walking away with the State title.
In just these 3 years of competition, the Cranbrook teams have gone from new entrant to a perennial contender for the State Championship.
Teams compete in two divisions, upper and lower. The lower division, called David Ricardo, is for students that have never competed before in the National Economics Challenge and are not currently or previously enrolled in an AP Economics course. The upper division, called Adam Smith, is intended for repeat NEC competitors and/or AP Economics-enrolled (or previously enrolled) students.
In 2022, Cranbrook brought one upper division team, finishing unranked in the low teens for the State. In 2023, the school brought one upper division team and two lower division teams with the upper division team finishing unranked 11th for the State and the lower division teams ranking 1st and 4th in the state, losing the lower division Championship by one question.
This year, Cranbrook’s upper division teams were ranked 5th and 6th (making it into the rankings of the top 10 schools) and lower division teams were ranked 2nd and 3rd.
The 2nd ranked lower division A team took home Cranbrook’s first State Championship. Team members were Toluwani Abedayo, Pingkang Qian, Alex Wang, and Justin Seo.
Congratulations to the entire club as well as club advisor and Residential Faculty Member Christopher Schotten!