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CK Students Co-Design Mural at Cranbrook Quad with Detroit-based Artist

Student leaders partnered with Mexican-American muralist Elton Monroy Durán on the Spirit of Cranbrook Community, installed now through October on the Cranbrook Quad.

Last spring, Bridge the Divide and the Department X Community Leadership class organized a day-long retreat for students to look in retrospect at key elements of our community–the common values, the people, and the place.  Elton joined in activities they designed, which included personal poetry, drawings, and a role play that represented the full diversity of people who contribute to the life of our school.

After a walking tour and photographs of campus, Elton led a large circle discussion, so students could share stories about their most memorable moments at iconic sites on Cranbrook campus.  Elton channeled what he saw, heard, and felt from the students into a work of art, which is both inspirational and aspirational -- a testament to the best of what our community can be when we cultivate care and belonging.

The background was painted on campus by students last May, and the artist completed the detailed work at his “Corpus Art” studio in Southwest Detroit.  The Spirit of Cranbrook Community will be permanently installed at Kingwood and is dedicated to communities everywhere who faced the COVID-19 pandemic with courage and compassion.