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Governor's Order: All MI Schools Closed, March 16-April 5

Read the Director of Schools' letter to parents, and other announcements, here:

Dear Cranbrook Schools parents,

Late last evening, Governor Whitmer announced that all Michigan school buildings – both public and private - will be closed from March 16 through April 5 in order to mitigate the local spread of COVID-19.

As planned, Cranbrook teachers are prepared to begin on-line instruction starting on March 31, at the end of our spring break.

  • All students should depart today for our spring break with all materials (textbooks, notebooks, etc.) that will allow them to participate in on-line instruction as of March 31st.
  • Teachers will be in touch with their students at the upper and middle school levels, as well as with parents at Brookside, about logistics of on-line instruction, setting expectations and balancing on-line class meetings with independent work.
  • All teachers are adjusting course syllabi, assignments and assessments to accommodate our move to this new mode of teaching and learning.
  • Our Upper School Deans will be in touch with the families of our boarding students to facilitate appropriate arrangements for these students for this elongated period of time. We are sincerely grateful to those who have welcomed our boarders in to their families for the spring break period.

As we take time to adjust to this order from the Governor, we urge families to stay abreast of updates from Cranbrook through email and on our COVID-19 webpage, and to continue to monitor their own health and take the common-sense flu precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control that we have encouraged and followed since January.

Our thanks for your partnership in this effort to protect the health of our community, at Cranbrook and beyond.
Aimeclaire Roche
Director of Schools

Other announcements:

SAT Testing
The SAT scheduled for tomorrow, March 14th, is cancelled. This affects both National and School-Based (at Kingswood) tests. College Board will reach out to all registered students shortly. No make-up is scheduled at this time. If you are registered at a different location, please contact that school directly as College Board is running slow to post cancellation updates.

ACT Testing
The ACT scheduled for Saturday, April 4th, is cancelled and is pending a rescheduled date.