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Lower, Middle, Upper School Robotics Teams Travel to VEX Robotics World Championship

Cranbrook Schools' Robotics Teams across all divisions performed exceptionally at the VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky this year!
Three VRC upper school teams and two VRC middle school teams qualified to participate in the VEX Robotics World Championship. Less than 5% of all teams participating in VEX worldwide qualify to attend the World Championship, so Cranbrook Schools’ inclusion in this competition is a great success for these students and their coaches.

All of the participating teams won matches in their respective divisions and exhibited great sportsmanship throughout the event. Team 39Z attracted a great deal of attention from the judges for their unique design and CAD drawing display, and Team 39A immediately began to lead the Cranbrook teams after the first day of competition. By the end of qualification matches, Team 38X and Team 39K had worked their way high enough in the rankings to be in contention for final alliance partner selection.

The following teams and participating students are responsible for the great showing at this event:

Upper School VRC
Team 39A: William Chen, Jason Ouyang, Nikhil Vasan
Team 39K: Claire Burelle, Aishwarya Kannan, Max Tu, Ben Walter
Team 39Z: William Chen, Ruhaan Doshi, Kyrylo Kalashnikov, Sid Lokam, Chase Norman, Sasha Richie, Matthew Tan

Middle School VRC
Team 38A: Sylee Acharya, Sujay Maddireddy, Mikul Saravanan
Team 38X: Charles Huang, Askari Husaini, Aadit Jain, Jiahang Liu, Vijval Nandigala, Justin Song

Three teams from Brookside and one team from the Middle School for Boys also attended the VEX IQ World Championship as part of only four percent of 24,000 teams worldwide who are selected to partipate in the championship. The following students in fourth through seventh grade attended the event and earned the following accolades:

Middle School for Boys VEX IQ
Team 37Z: Aaray Doshi, Akshu Enganti, Kaavin Newatia, Shriram Ramesh, Dev Veeramani
3rd place after qualifying rounds, 6th place in divisional playoffs

Lower School VEX IQ
Team 36W: Alex Cirino, Sydney Hertzberg, Erin Kim, Briana Stahlheber
35th place after qualifying rounds, World Design Award Qualifiers

Team 36V: Joey, Katz, Kethan Lala, Cooper Pender, Zach Sosin, Nabhah Veeramani
14th place after qualifying rounds, 6th place in divisional playoffs

Team 36Y: Andrew Friedman, Vaughn Mishko, Max Sunblad
10th place after qualifying rounds, 2nd place in divisional playoffs, Robot Skills Ranking of 9th place worldwide

Congratulations to these students are in order, as well as to the coaches who worked so hard to support these students through the rigorous eight-month season of VEX Robotics.

Many thanks to Katherine Bis for providing the details of this story.
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    • Lower, Middle School VEX IQ Robotics Teams