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Admission into the Horizons-Upward Bound program is based on low-income and potential first-generation college eligibility.

The Horizons-Upward Bound Selection Committee recruits students from federally-determined target schools. Students that meet the federal criteria (low-income, potential first generation college bound*) are invited to complete and submit an application that includes 3 (non-familial) recommendations. Students and parents/guardians must then attend and participate in HUB's Competition Day where students and parents/guardians are interviewed. Academic and motivational factors assessments are administered to assist the selection committee in ascertaining which students best exemplify the qualities (dedicated, determined, disciplined) HUB students must possess.** Selected students are required to make a four-year commitment to the program, and are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities offered during their high school years.

*Low-income standards are determined by the United States Department of Education Federal TRIO programs annual low-income levels. Access the U.S. Department of Education website for eligibility. A student qualities as "potential first-generation" if the parent(s) he or she lives with have not earned a four-year college degree.

**HUB does not eliminate students based on prior-academic performance. If a student displays the desire to improve, has the work-ethic, and familial encouragement, the student will be considered for admission into the program.

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