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All Schools Diversity Committee

The All Schools Diversity Committee was formed in August 1994. The purpose of this committee is to provide leadership and support through resources and programs to make Cranbrook Schools a welcoming, respectful, safe, and healthy place for all who choose to come here.
The objectives of the committee are: (1) to promote ethnic, religious, cultural, socio-economic and racial understanding and respect; (2) to work in collaboration with the Director of Community and Multicultural Programs and Heads of each division to design and support programs in multicultural education for all; (3) to support the work of parent organizations in their diversity activities; (4) to encourage parents to share resources and provide support to enhance multicultural education and sensitivity; and (5) to serve as a resource for the community in matters of multicultural concerns and to make recommendations regarding such concerns.
The committee membership consists of faculty, administrative, board and parent representatives from the entire school community. This committee seeks a diverse membership of adults invested in the issues of pluralism, equity and justice that affect the quality of community life. All representatives work very closely with each division's leadership team in identifying and developing programs supportive of the school's mission. Parent members of The All Schools' Diversity Committee serve as liaisons to the parent diversity sub-committees established by Mothers' Councils and Dads’ Clubs in each division.