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The Office of Community and Multicultural Programs provides leadership in multicultural and diversity programs that support all members of the schools community. We participate in the creation and development of community programming that strengthens and enhances the bonds of the community and with external programming that extends the schools into the local, regional and national communities.
Community Building
We collaborate and provide support for the development and enhancement of synergistic programs which connect the divisions and ancillary programs in the areas of community service and community outreach, and we bring programs to campus that enhance scholarship, cross-cultural competence, and professional mentoring.

Holidays and Observances
Schools play an important role in educating students about diversity among peoples of the world, as well as the importance of understanding and respecting others’ beliefs. Cranbrook Kingswood encourages teaching about various religions and cultures in appropriate courses and classroom activities. Therefore holidays, both religious and secular (public holidays that reflect the common heritage of all Americans), may be introduced into the classroom for their historical, literary, artistic and cultural significance, but not for devotional purposes. The purpose of any classroom exercise is to gain non-devotional awareness through academic study. Such classroom lessons may include assemblies, performances, outings or other means of creative expression. Annual observances include:

Islamic new year
Beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Cinco de Mayo
Rosh Hashana
Yom Kippur
Id al-Fitir

International Student Program
Our community includes students and families from the widest of geographic areas. One exemplary program supported by this office is our International Student Program which helps us fulfill our mission "…to instill in our students a strong sense of social responsibility and the ability to communicate and contribute in an increasingly global community" through projects such as World Day, classroom visits and exchanges, and those designed by our many student organizations focused on cultural affinity and diversity. [Link to ISP here.]

Our office assists each division in the design and development of multicultural or other diversity-based curriculum. We serve on the All Schools Curriculum Committee, participating in the review and development of curricula consistent with our mission and institutional goals.

Student Involvement
Our office advocates for students and their families as primary constituents in the schools community. We provide recommendations for the comprehensive student program: academic, residential life, community service. We play a leadership role in fostering a positive school cultural environment by sponsoring the activities of student clubs and special events.

Generation of Promise: The Generation of Promise is a cross-school district, multicultural, urban/suburban student leadership-development program founded in 1987. GOP was formed to increase positive interaction between city and suburban youth, encourage mutual respect, study issues affecting local communities, and foster a shared commitment to the advancement of the Detroit metropolitan area. Their mission statement: "To help metropolitan Detroit area students explore the role of leadership; to improve racial, ethnic and religious sensitivity; to develop greater awareness of the interdependence of the city and its suburbs; and to inspire positive community involvement."

Other student diversity programs include but are not limited to: National Conference for Community and Justice's "Rearing Children of Goodwill" High School Conference, Student Diversity Leadership Conference, Southeast Michigan Diversity Student Symposium (bi-annual), Diversity Training through Birmingham School District, U of M's Asian Pacific American High School Conference, Metropolitan Detroit Teen Conference, MLK day observances, Cinco de Mayo programs, Autumn Harvest Native American festival, World Day, Rights of Passage: a Gathering of Latino and African-American Men.