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Student Publications

Cranbrook Kingswood student publications provide a fresh, student-oriented look at our campus and our students' lives. Whether it is the in-depth perspective of campus, national and international news found in the Crane-Clarion, the memories we treasure from each year's yearbook and video yearbook, or the artistic expressions found in Gallimaufry, our publications demonstrate the extraordinary talents of our student writers, editors, and artists.
As the student newspaper of the Cranbrook Upper School, the Crane-Clarion reports on events in and outside Cranbrook of relevance to our students, faculty, parents, and alums.  The Crane-Clarion was established in 1927 and is published six times a year, including a special Awards Issue each June that wraps up the year and announces the awards of our students and the college choices of our seniors.

The School literary arts magazine, published yearly, is produced by a committee of students and faculty who select from submissions the finest student writing, art and photography. The literary group meets each week to discuss student work and to do writing exercises. These meetings are open to all Cranbrook Kingswood students.

Student 'Zines
Student 'Zines are independent, student-initiated publications that pop up every year on a host of topics. Although they usually don't last longer than the tenure of the editors and contributors, these 'zines exemplify the diversity of expression within our student body. Past 'zines have featured writing and art on topics such as cultural issues, animation, politics, and comedy and satire, and they are enjoyed widely by the entire community.

Video Yearbook
The Video Yearbook is an annual production which chronicles the school year on tape. Students use digital cameras to collect scenes of school life and activities and edit that tape at the end of the year in a presentation which includes professional quality effects and titles.

Brook-Woodwinds is the upper school yearbook. In a publication averaging 400 pages, students record the highlights of the school year in words and photos. Editors and staff do page layout, take pictures, write copy, proofread and solicit advertising. Each section has its own editors and staff: Faculty and Administration, Underclassmen, Fine and Performing Arts, Sports, Boarding Life, Clubs and Activities and Advertising. The Seniors section has about half the pages in the book, and its editors also function as Editors-in-Chief.