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Randy Tufts

Bidding Farewell After 50 Years
Randy celebrates an improbable 50-year career with simple gratitude, “Cranbrook has been everything for me.”
After a detour as head of the Girls Middle School, Randy discovered an opportunity to satisfy his particular devotion to the life sciences in the newly merged Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School. In the minds of students, Randy came to “own” certain courses, such as anatomy, genetics, or biology. Randy’s pig lab became a rite of passage for sophomores. As head of the science department for ten years, Randy nurtured one of the most admired academic departments in the upper school. In the sports of golf, volleyball, and soccer, his seasons of coaching are too many to count. Undoubtedly, he has sat in on more conduct review boards than any other current faculty member. Randy imparts gratitude to his students, who always extend a thank you to him as they leave the classroom each day.