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The Sinclair and Geroux Legacy Fund

Honoring Two Legends: The Jessica Sinclair and Charles Geroux Legacy Fund for the Arts

This permanently endowed fund will serve to enhance our performing arts programs at Cranbrook Schools, engaging students with accomplished actors, musicians, and dancers from a wide range of disciplines. Allowing artists to perform, share, teach and interact with students will enrich and strengthen all of the arts programs at the schools and expose students to innovative work and groundbreaking formats.

About the Fund

To honor the memories and outstanding legacies of two legendary Cranbrook educators, we have established the Jessica Sinclair and Charles Geroux Legacy Fund for the Arts. Sinclair and Geroux inspired generations of students and left an indelible mark on the artistic journeys of countless alumni. With this fund, we hope to continue investing in the education, training and mentoring of our performing arts students, now and for years to come.
This permanently endowed fund will pay homage to Jessie's commitment to dance education and Chuck's dedication to the dramatic arts by connecting current students with performing arts professionals who will share their expertise, knowledge, and creativity with the dance and drama programs. Through this initiative, students will have the unique opportunity to learn from world-renowned dancers, choreographers, actors, and directors, enriching their educational experiences and fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts.
Your support of this fund not only will celebrate the accomplishments of Jessie Sinclair and Chuck Geroux but also build on what they and their colleagues created over decades of instruction: a thriving performing arts education at Cranbrook that empowers students to express themselves, explore artistic expression and pursue careers in the arts – or simply a lifelong appreciation of theater, dance and music.
Your contribution will make a lasting impact on our performing arts program and the future of dance and drama at Cranbrook, ensuring that the spirit of creativity, innovation, and excellence embodied by Sinclair and Geroux continues to flourish for generations to come.
Join us in honoring Jessica Sinclair and Charles Geroux and Cranbrook’s rich history of performing arts by supporting this new fund. Together, let's celebrate their enduring legacies and invest in a vibrant and dynamic environment where creativity thrives, diversity is celebrated, and artistic excellence is cultivated.
To learn more and make your gift today, click here or call (248) 645-3140. You can make a tribute in honor of Jessica Sinclair, Dr. Charles Geroux, or both and we will notify their families that you have made a gift in their memory.