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CK Alumna Debates at Trinity College

Following her graduation from Cranbrook Schools in 2016, Clare Elwell has participated in the historic tradition of debate at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.
Debate at Trinity College is an important institution both academically and historically, and requires considerable commitments of time and energy from its student participants. Throughout the year, students participate in chamber debates, competitions for novice debaters, and competitive events with other institutions. This year, Elwell has traveled across Europe for various events and participated in the World Competition in South Africa. Additionally, Elwell presented the first seven-minute speech in opposition to the resolution "This House Welcomes a United States of Europe" during a Parliamentary Debate session.

Events at Trinity College take place in the Graduates Memorial Building, which is devoted to the College Historical Society, the oldest student society since 1747. Now in its 249th session, the HIST has been host to a great number of notable debaters and visitors throughout the years, including Samuel Beckett, Gordon Brown, Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill, Bob Geldof, Patrick Stewart, Bram Stoker, Desmond Tutu, and W.B. Yeats. In celebration of both HIST’s 250th anniversary and its admission of women into the society in 1969, plans for a special celebration next year have recently begun.

As her final year at Trinity approaches, Elwell plans to continue participating in debate, although she hopes to limit her participation as she finishes her coursework in Business and Politics. Cranbrook Schools is very proud of our alumna’s accomplishments and wishes her well in her final year of study!
    • Clare Elwell during the Parliamentary Debate session

    • Graduates Memorial Building at Trinity College