Athletics at the Upper School

One of Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School’s goals is to encourage students to explore and appreciate their own physical potential and to recognize their responsibility to a team by participation in interscholastic competition.

The athletic program at Cranbrook Kingswood is meant to contribute to this goal by providing a supportive, nurturing, and challenging program of interscholastic athletics and vibrant after-school activity program. Desirable outcomes include the development of skills (both general and sport specific), teamwork, self-discipline, pride, loyalty, tolerance, respect for others, confidence, perseverance, sportsmanship, and citizenship.

Program Goals
  • Progress in sequential sport skills, physical, mental, and emotional development
  • Attain a level of fitness necessary for sport
  • Develop a positive mental attitude and strong sense of self
  • Develop personal management skills
  • Develop personal goals and a plan for attaining those goals
  • Understand rules and concepts relevant to sport
  • Strive for playing excellence and experience the value of team play
  • Experience the benefits of teamwork, self-discipline, loyalty, tolerance, and perseverance.
  • Value good sportsmanship, respect others, and exhibit fair play as a participant
  • Participate regularly and value the role of physical activity in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle

From the Desk of the Athletic Director

General Information

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Upper School Athletic Department

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  • Stephen Graf 

    Upper School Director of Athletics
  • Shane Finney 

    Upper School Associate Athletic Director
  • Rebecca Tufts-Bhowmick 

    Sr. Administrative Assistant, Upper School Athletics
    248-645-3636 Office
    Class of 1996

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