Health centers on both the Kingswood and Cranbrook campuses, staffed daily by school nurses, address students’ medical needs. Information and counseling regarding nutrition, physical fitness, sleep habits, stress, and other personal health matters are available on request.

All students are required to have on file in the health center an Authorization for Medical Treatment form, a Physical Examination form, and a current immunization history. Emergency Action Plans are also required for students with diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, bee stings, and seizure disorders. These forms are due before participating in pre-season athletics or attending classes this fall.

An athletic trainer, affiliated with the sports medicine center at Henry Ford Hospital, is available on campus for student consultation at regularly scheduled times. A student who has received a sports injury may be referred to Henry Ford Hospital for evaluation and treatment; there is a fee for that service.

Counseling Services

As part of a comprehensive personal and academic support system, the School provides counseling services for all students. Counselors and nurses provide assistance and guidance in a private or confidential manner to students with academic, social and personal issues. Any student who is experiencing emotional or psychological difficulty or issues involving the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs is encouraged to seek the services of the counselor.

The School retains a consulting psychologist who maintains regular contact with the counseling staff, in conjunction with the students' parents, faculty and administrators. When necessary, the counseling staff makes outside referrals for purposes of assessment and professional treatment.

Meet Our Nurses

List of 4 members.

  • Ms. Cindy Mecsey 

    Middle and Upper School Nurse - Kingswood
  • Ms. Linda Suvak 

    Middle and Upper School Nurse – Cranbrook
  • Ms. Vicki Abbott 

    Middle and Upper School Part-Time Nurse
  • Mrs. Mary Lee (Specht) Raymond 

    Middle and Upper School Part-Time Nurse

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What if my child needs to take medication during the day?

    Ideally, medications should be given at home. Day students who need to take prescription medication during the school day must have a written Medication Order Form/Authorization for Prescription Medication form on file in the health center (forms can be obtained from the school nurse). The school recognizes that some students may need to self-administer/carry their own supply of medication. Students who have the completed physicians order form on file may carry a one day supply of their medication with them. The school recommends that spare medication, properly labeled in its original container, be kept in the health center in case the student runs out or forgets to bring it.

    Minor symptoms can occur that require the use of non-prescription medications for treatment. Parents can complete an Authorization for Non-Prescription Over-the-Counter Medications form (forms can be obtained from the school nurse) which will allow the nurses to administer a single dose of in stock medication such as Ibuprofen or cough syrup. This form is for day students only since boarding students medication/treatments are classified under our physicians’ standing orders.
  • Q. What if my child becomes ill during the school day?

    If the student is a day student and deemed ill enough to go home, a telephone call is placed to parents, and the student is excused. If the student is a boarding student, the nurse on duty treats him or her.
  • Q. What is the school policy on student physicals?

    Students must have a current physical for each school year. Physicals may not be dated before April 15th of that school year in order to be current.

    All incoming students to the ninth grade and any new students are required to have a four-page green physical on file with the nurses at the start of each school year. Returning students are to fill out the front and back on the single green MA/physical form signed by a parent or guardian.

    Students without physicals or parent signatures on the MA are not allowed to attend any athletic event or practice or any kind of school trip.

Cranbrook Schools

·39221 Woodward ·Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304
Cranbrook Educational Community admits students and makes its services, activities, and education programs available to students without regard to sex, race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected status as required by state or federal law.

Cranbrook Schools is a private college prep boarding school located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, near Detroit, consisting of three schools; an elementary school with a private preschool, a single gender middle school with a distinct boys middle school and girls middle school, along with a co-ed college prep private boarding high school. Cranbrook is regarded as one of the top private schools in Michigan. Many of Cranbrook’s students attend top universities and colleges.

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