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We recognize that the cost of private education requires a significant commitment for families. Cranbrook strives to assist as many families as possible who cannot afford the school’s full tuition but are determined to stretch their own financial resources to make education their top priority. In a typical year, Cranbrook awards financial aid to approximately 30% of the student body. Most of our financial aid awards cover 50% or less of the tuition.


  • Only families who demonstrate financial need are considered for aid.
  • The Admission Committee and the Financial Aid Committee are separate committees. A student’s acceptance or denial to the school is based solely on academic merit and without regard to the need for financial aid.
  • Since we try to make a financial aid award as soon as a student is accepted, it is to your advantage to have your financial aid file complete by the time the admission decision is made.
  • Cranbrook is fortunate to have many outstanding applicants. While we try to meet the financial need of all admitted students, admission to Cranbrook is not a guarantee of financial assistance.  Some students who are admitted may not receive a financial aid award.
  • In the case that there are not enough funds available to support every accepted applicant, we first fund the students we believe will contribute most positively to our student body. Sometimes a financial aid grant may not meet a family’s full demonstrated need.
  • When financial aid awards are offered, almost all are less than or equal to 50% of the annual tuition.
  • Cranbrook treats financial aid requests and grants confidentially and expects that students and their families will do the same.
  • All Cranbrook students are expected to demonstrate diligence in their academic subjects, maintain high citizenship standards, and contribute positively to the school community. Financial aid awards are reviewed annually on the basis of the family’s current financial status. Typically, if your financial status has not changed, your grant will remain the same.
  • Financial aid at Cranbrook is distributed without regard to race, religion, or ethnic background.
  • In the case of divorced or separated parents, assets of all responsible parties are considered in determining family need.
To initiate the financial aid process, please mark the box requesting financial aid forms on the application.

Please direct questions to Eileen Hilliard at (248) 645-3463 or ehilliard@cranbrook.edu

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