Cranbrook Traditions

The traditions valued at Cranbrook Kingswood School serve to acknowledge the events of today and provide a tie to the past. Once two separate schools, the School now retains those aspects of the School that exemplify the values still essential to the present.

Traditional events and memorials reflect the shared values of the past. The War Memorial plaque, at the base of the Cranbrook Tower, the engraved names of Cranbrook graduates in Alumni Court at Cranbrook, the engraved names of Kingswood graduates in the Kingswood Auditorium and on outer walls, and the porch plaque at Kingswood serve as tangible reminders of the many students who have participated in the School experience.

Cranbrook Song

O God of Light and Universal Truth!
Thou patient Guide and Friend of Joyous Youth
Before Thee now we humbly stand and pray
To guard our steps and rule our lives always.

Grant us to do our daily task with zeal,
May all our work a common service seal,
From base design, from selfish aim set free
Mould Thou our lives, O Lord, in loyalty.

Give strength to tread the rugged path of Right,
To falter not, but wage a noble fight,
To know a friend, to live the words "Aim High,"
To play the man, and fearlessly to die.

Cranbrook! Whose sculptured stone and iron shaft
Bespeaks the skillful hand of every craft,
One perfect Unity shall ever stand
To bless the purpose of a generous hand.

Cranbrook! Thy name a glowing symbol live!
To future sons an inspiration give.
Tho’ eyes grow dim, tho' strength be past, yet we
Till life is done shall ever cherish Thee. Amen.

Kingswood Song (to "Finlandia")

Beside a lake, beneath an oak-clad hill,
Stands Kingswood School, a mission to fulfill,
Of leading youth to great nobility,
Gladly to serve humanity.

The lake reflects the blue of spacious sky
The pure white swans go calmly gliding by;
The greensward stretches far away until
It blends into that verdant hill.

Our banner flaunts the blue, the white, the green,
E'er to remind us of this happy scene.
To be a challenge to a tireless strife
For better things and better life.

Cranbrook Schools

·39221 Woodward ·Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304
Cranbrook Educational Community admits students and makes its services, activities, and education programs available to students without regard to sex, race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected status as required by state or federal law.

Cranbrook Schools is a private college prep boarding school located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, near Detroit, consisting of three schools; an elementary school with a private preschool, a single gender middle school with a distinct boys middle school and girls middle school, along with a co-ed college prep private boarding high school. Cranbrook is regarded as one of the top private schools in Michigan. Many of Cranbrook’s students attend top universities and colleges.

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