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Maurice Hill, Jr

I walked in to HUB as a student, and walked out of HUB as a leader.
Maurice Hill, Jr.
Middle School
Detroit Edison Public School Academy
HUB Graduation Year
High School
Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, 2010
Fondest Memory of HUB
My fondest memories were not only getting help from staff and faculty members, but I was able to help my peers in academic and social situations. I found myself being able to grow into a person who is not afraid of asking or receiving help. HUB was the first place where I learned that it is okay to give back to people who are in need. 
HUB Influences
Dr. Eddie Green (Director at the time) was probably one of the most influential members of the HUB community, for me. I remember being in his office and he would ask me questions about my future plans, and I would give him my list of aspirations. From then on, every time I saw him he reminded me of the goals that I set for myself. He was the reminder, the consciousness on my shoulder, reminding me of why I challenge myself. 
Other Influences
My family is definitely the forefront of my motivation to do what makes me happy and successful. On the other hand, I also know that I have the entire Horizons-Upward Bound community and Cranbrook Educational Community to help me accomplish my goals. 
Sociology and African American Studies Major at Wesleyan University, 2014
First Generation
Background Information
I was a HUB scholar and was able to attend Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School in my Junior and Senior years of High School. During my time at Cranbrook, I made sure to immerse myself in a broad range of leadership positions. These positions proved to be stepping stones to the responsibilities that I later acquired in college. I am now a WesFest Intern in the Wesleyan University Office of Admission, plan the annual Social Justice Leadership Conference, Chair of the Middletown Relations Committee, and a Representative on the Wesleyan Student Assembly, among other things. 
In the future, I have plans to work in the field of education. I know that I want to help children, of all backgrounds, reach their full potential. I still believe that one day I will become a United States Senator. 
Current Occupation
Associate Director of College Counseling, Worcester Academy
Current Residence
Middletown, CT
Favorite Books
Beloved by Toni Morrison and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Mantra on Keys to Success
The first step on the success ladder is happiness.

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