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Graduates are not the only members of the Cranbrook Schools community embarking on a new chapter in their lives each year. Faculty who retire or move on to new challenges have provided a wealth of contributions to the life of the schools over the decades, and endow the schools with a combined legacy of awards too numerous to recount, and memories as infinite as the number of students they have impacted over the years.

You have the opportunity to honor a special faculty member with a Tribute Gift to The Cranbrook Schools Fund. The Tribute Program has been established to help recognize those persons who have made a difference. With each Tribute Gift, the honoree recipient will be notified that a gift was made in their honor. It truly is a gift of appreciation and a gift of education.

2020 Milestones

List of 3 items.

  • Randy Tufts

    Bidding Farewell After 50 Years
    Randy celebrates an improbable 50-year career with simple gratitude, “Cranbrook has been everything for me.”
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  • Russ Conner

    50 Years and Still Looking Ahead
    Over a remarkable 50-year tenure as a biology teacher with Cranbrook Schools, Russ has prepared generations of professional scientists and physicians, as well as students just grateful to understand the scientific method.
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  • Katie Lorts

    Marking 40 Years with Joy!
    As the orchestra director of Cranbrook Schools for forty years, Katie Lorts is unrivaled in her ability to see and create the experience of symphony.
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2019 Milestones

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  • Sarkis Halajian, Head and Coordinator of Performing Arts PK-12

    Over his 44-year career, Sarkis developed one of the premier music programs in the nation with countless alums who trace their love of music back to Cranbrook. A number of his students have gone on to appointments in major symphonies around the world.
  • Richard & Betsy Lamb

    From brain games with Brooksiders to the legendary AP computer course in the upper school, from the boy’s dorms to the floors of countless robotics contests, Rich and Betsy Lamb have touched the lives of our students at every level and every division. Rich, who taught for 42 years, led the computer science program and Betsy led a groundbreaking robotics program, all designed to help students learn to problem solve, think on their feet and grow.
  • Sharon Peacock, Dean of Girls

    Sharon Peacock served a remarkable 16-year tenure as dean of girls, during which she upheld the highest standards of respect, civility, and integrity for Upper School girls. Sharon strengthened the school’s values and ministered to countless girls during her career at Cranbrook.
  • Andy and Martha Weidenbach

    In a career spanning almost 30 years, boys ice hockey coach Andy Weidenbach has been honored with almost every known coaching award, including the Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame and National Coach of the Year, not to mention the President’s Award for Excellence and the Pete Dawkins Award. Andy has brought home an amazing 10 state championships and sent hundreds of CK hockey players through adulthood with a deep respect for discipline and hard work. For almost 20 years, Martha has nurtured a family of 160 boys through her role in the boy’s dorm office. Her office is where boys go for sound advice, TLC, and occasional tough love. Martha has been a cherished part of the boarding boy’s experience.

2018 Milestones

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  • Tom Burgess, Middle School Registrar and Instructor

    Since his appointment in 1981, Tom’s roles in the Boys Middle School have included teacher of math and physical education, registrar, dean, and division head. He was the inspiration for the creation of the Burgess Leadership Award, one of the highest recognitions in the school. Tom has coached a variety of sports, led many interim trips, and had a shaping role in the structure of the Boys Middle School.
  • Sanford “Sandy” Hertz, Upper School Mathematics Instructor

    Sandy concludes an 18-year career as a math teacher and a coach of football and basketball. For many years, he has been counted the most loyal and ardent fan of upper school athletics and musical performance. This is probably the accomplishment for which he is most beloved. He lived in the dorms for a number of years and is past winner of the Frances Miller Dawkins Excellence in Teaching Award.
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  • Jeff Miller, Middle School Latin Instructor

    Jeff has been the teacher of Latin at both the Boys and Girls Middle School since 1980. He began his career in the Cranbrook dorms, where he served as assistant house adviser for some years. Among the many sports he has coached, Jeff’s tenure as head coach of the girls volleyball team produced championships and many post-season honors. Jeff has had a long leadership role in the Schools Curriculum Committee.
  • Claudia Schuette, Upper School Dean of Faculty

    Appointed in 1971, Claudia has been a beloved teacher of math for most of her career. Claudia was appointed director of projects in 1986 and undertook the shaping of faculty evaluation and the faculty handbook. She became dean of faculty in 2012. She was a longtime senior class adviser.
  • Arlyce Seibert, Director of Schools

    Arlyce concludes a glorious 47-year career with an amazing 23-year tenure as Director of Schools. Her school headship has been one of the most successful in the independent school world. Arlyce was a beloved history teacher. She has held many positions of responsibility, including department head and head of upper school.
  • David Watson, Upper School World Languages Instructor

    David concludes an iconic 34-year career as Spanish teacher and advisor to the Crane-Clarion. He also taught in the English department for some years. Over his 27-year tenure as adviser to the paper, many of his writers went on to editorships at the most prominent of university daily papers.
  • Cecilia Yeager, 7th Grade English Teacher

    Cele has been a teacher of English and social sciences since her appointment in 1989. She served as dean of girls under three heads of the Girls Middle School. Cele was beloved and respected for her teaching of literature and writing. She is a past winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award.
There’s always one.
Ask any Cranbrook graduate what they remember about their experience and they will share with you a memory about a teacher who inspired and nurtured them in their educational journey.
Our faculty members make the choice to teach at Cranbrook because the environment enables them to closely mentor each student and make a real difference.
The Cranbrook Schools Fund allows us to support our teachers with the tools they require to create a classroom with the technology and curricula to achieve that goal; and, most importantly, to reward them with the competitive compensation they deserve.
If there is a faculty or staff member who has made a positive impact on your child, please consider a gift to the Fund in their honor. We will notify the teacher of your caring gesture, but we will not disclose the amount of your gift. Gifts of every amount are truly appreciated and represent a meaningful endorsement of the role our teachers play in providing our students with an extraordinary education.