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Cranbrook’s 2021-2022 Campus Plan

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  • The 2021-2022 Academic Year: Introduction

    Our Start of School 2021-2022 plans are based on what we know now about the pandemic and about a strong rate of vaccination/immunity within the Schools’ faculty, staff and students (aged 12 and older). As with everything else about the pandemic, our plans are developing as we monitor educational best practices. 
    As we stated this spring, our objective is to prioritize robust in-person instruction and activities at all divisions and grade levels, and to return to as typical an in-person instructional day as possible. Our aim is to keep as many students learning in school as possible throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, even in grades 6 and lower where nearly all students are currently ineligible for vaccination.  
    Given that emerging national, state and local COVID-19 guidelines and requirements may change before September, no final decisions have been made at this time. Adjustments will continue and final decision-making will occur closer to the start of school. We will communicate updates throughout the summer.

Plan Summary

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  • Summary

    1. Given the high percentage of students in grades 7-12, as well as teachers and Schools staff, whom we estimate have already been vaccinated/are now immune, we anticipate that few COVID-19 precautions will be necessary at these grade levels. Most programming, grades 7-12, will return to pre-pandemic routines (pace-of-day, teaching loads and class section sizes, in-person co-curricular activities, etc.)

    To date, 99% of our Schools employees have voluntarily reported that they have been vaccinated; and we believe the majority of eligible students, including boarders, are as well. 

    2. Given that nearly all students at the Early Childhood Center, Brookside, and in the 6th grade at our two middle schools are as-of-yet ineligible for vaccination, we anticipate that some COVID-19 precautions will continue to be necessary at the middle schools and at Brookside/ECC, particularly in grades 6 and below, to mitigate contact-spread of the illness and to keep as many students as possible learning in school full-time, with limited breaks in in-person instruction due to infection-related quarantines.

    Some precautions notwithstanding, we anticipate returning, over time, to as much routine in-person programming as possible for all of these grade levels.
    3. We anticipate that children aged twelve (12) and younger will become eligible for vaccination at some point this summer or fall. Thus, precautions at the start of the year will be re-evaluated, and likely revised, in January 2022, if not earlier, with a goal of returning all grade levels to pre-pandemic routines as soon as possible.  

    4. As was the case during the last academic year, we will continue to keep ourselves apprised of recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and work in direct concert with the Oakland County Health Division, the agency under whose umbrella Cranbrook and all schools in our local area fall when it comes to public health matters.

COVID-19 Mitigation

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  • Vaccinations:

    • At this time, we do not require but strongly recommend that all eligible students be vaccinated for COVID-19. The greater our community’s immunity, the greater our latitude in returning to our routine academic and co-curricular programming.
    • Right now, a vaccinated (and symptom free) individual does not need to  quarantine if exposed to  COVID-19 and no contract tracing is required because of such exposure. Vaccinated students (who are symptom free) are most likely to remain in school even if exposed to COVID-19. Of course, depending on the progression of this still unknown disease and the extent of the exposure at school, this could change. Our first priority is the safety of our students.   
    • When completing/updating the Magnus Health Forms for 2021-2022, note your child’s COVID-19 vaccination status when listing other immunizations. In August our nurses will confirm the vaccination status of all students.  
  • Face Coverings:

    • State and local recommendations/requirements for face coverings in school settings continue to evolve, thus we will wait until late August to determine if or when the use of face coverings at school is necessary; please be aware that unvaccinated students, particularly those ineligible for vaccination (grades 6 and lower) may be required to wear a face covering indoors when at school; and all students may be required to use face coverings when on buses or when gathered in close proximity. Again, we will wait until late August to determine if or when the use of face coverings at school is necessary.  
    • We will support any individual who chooses to wear a face covering at any time indoors or outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. As in 2020-2021, all face coverings must abide by the Schools’ dress code rules.
  • All-Schools COVID-19 PCR Testing:

    • We do not anticipate requiring mass PCR testing of all students for active COVID virus at the return to school in September or after major vacations.
    • Cranbrook will continue to have access to PCR saliva tests should a rise in cases of COVID-19 necessitate individual or mass testing at certain grade levels; please note Cranbrook may require testing for active COVID virus at any time; the cost of such testing will likely be the responsibility of parents or guardians.
  • Daily Health Screening and Temperature Checks:

    • At this time, we do not anticipate requiring daily health screening or temperature checks before each school day.
    • We do, however, expect that students and parents will continue monitoring their own and their family’s health, including periodic temperature checks at home prior to sending students to school.
    • Any individual who does not feel well or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or other communicable illness, must stay home from school and make sure to contact the appropriate office on each campus.  .
    • As always, our nurses will monitor the health and wellbeing of students while at school, sending students home should, at the nurses’ discretion, the situation warrant. 
  • Physical Distance and Classroom Configurations:

    • At all grade levels, classrooms will be configured to accommodate our pre-pandemic section and homeroom sizes. In nearly all cases, this naturally provides 3-feet of physical distance between students.  
    • The fourth grade will return to the Brookside campus.
    • We will continue to encourage the use of outdoor spaces at all grade levels, while the weather permits.
    • To support physical distance particularly among unvaccinated students in 6th grade and below, when on buses students in grades 6 and below will be placed one-per-seat; and in schoolhouse hallways follow COVID-related traffic patterns. 
  • Cleaning:

    • Cranbrook buildings will continue to be thoroughly cleaned each afternoon/evening; we will discontinue the intermittent cleaning of surfaces (desks, doorknobs, shared items, etc.) throughout the school day.
    • We will encourage and support students in frequent and thorough hand-washing, and the use of hand sanitizer, as needed, throughout the school day. 

The On-Campus Experience

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  • Daily Schedules:

    • At each division, we will return to pre-pandemic daily schedules, including 40-60-minute class periods for grades 6-12, and Specialist activities at Brookside. Upper and middle school students will not be placed in cohorts other than those typically utilized pre-pandemic at grade level. Please see below individual grade level schedule drafts. 
    o    Brookside Arrival and Dismissal
    o    Middle School Boys Schedule
    o    Middle School Girls Schedule
    o    Upper School Schedule

    • Although walking between campuses is always encouraged, we will resume the use of bus transportation between the Kingswood and Cranbrook for upper school students; students (both vaccinated/immune and unvaccinated) may be required to wear face coverings on buses.
    • Assemblies and other co-curricular activities where students gather will resume, although some may be staged by grade level or outdoors, to lessen the impact of dense crowding.  
    • Aftercare, Enrichments, and Private Music Lessons will  resume, without the use of strict, grade-specific or homeroom-specific cohorts. 
  • Lunch:

    • At both the middle and upper schools, we will resume use of our dining halls. In order to moderate the level of traffic and support physical distance during lunch, we will have three lunch periods at both middle schools where students will dine by grade level.
    • At Brookside and in the 6th grade, where nearly all students are ineligible for vaccination, lunch will continue to be ordered through Nutrislice and served by teachers to students in homerooms and classrooms.  
  • Absences/Remote Learning:

    • Given our emphasis on robust in-person programs, we will discontinue the synchronous and asynchronous AccessCK remote learning options utilized during 2020-2021.
    • Moving forward at middle and Brookside levels, students who are absent from school for 3-days or more, for any documented medical reason, and who are well enough to stay abreast of schoolwork, will have access at the middle schools to asynchronous recorded classes, and all class materials and, at Brookside, Seesaw activities for the duration of their illness.
    • In the upper school, extended absences from the classroom (due to illness, travel restrictions, quarantine) will be managed by the Academic Deans and Dean of Students offices on a case-by-case basis to ensure the continuation of student learning. 
  • Field Trips:

    • Field trips will resume at the discretion of each division head; when traveling off campus, Cranbrook students and staff will abide by COVID-related protocols in effect on our campus or at our destination, whichever are stricter. 
  • Dress Code:

    • We will return to a pre-pandemic formality of school dress, including once monthly dress days at the upper school; division heads will communicate details of this closer to the start of school. 
  • Visitors and Guests:

    • At the start of school, during the school day we will continue to welcome only students and school staff in the buildings, and current parents by appointment only for meetings.  This will allow our teachers and staff to focus fully on returning to robust in-person programs for our students.  We will re-evaluate this limit once we re-establish our daily routines.
    • Important in-person events like Orientations, Welcome Back Picnics, Grandparents Days, and Parent Visiting Days, as well as Performing Arts concerts and performances, will take place in-person. These may be scheduled or staged in a way that lessens crowding and limits the potential for contact-based spread of illness among our students in grades 6 and lower who are ineligible for vaccines as well as the impact those students could have on vulnerable visitors/guests.