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Do you want to stay in touch with your Cranbrook Kingswood Classmates? Do you want to stay connected to the school and help ensure its future success? Then you have what it takes to be a Class Agent!

Class Agents Educate, Inspire, Connect
As a Cranbrook Kingswood Class Agent, you will help your classmates stay connected, encourage support for the Schools Annual Fund, and inspire enthusiasm for giving back to Cranbrook Kingswood.

Click here to view full Class Agent job description.

If you are interested in serving as a Class Agent or would like to learn more, contact Laurie Snyder, Assistant Director of Annual Fund  at: Lsnyder@cranbrook.edu or (248) 645-3537.

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  • Current List of Class Agents

    Molly L. Bartlett '48
    Paul M. Dodyk '55
    James J. Akers '57
    Robert M. Klein '58
    Raymond A. Sokolov '59
    Brock R. Landry '65
    Joan W. Cavanagh '66
    Mary K. Holmes '66
    Sheridan Strickland '66
    Sally C. Harris '72
    Phoebe L. Erdman '72
    Chase B. Brand  '79
    Howard M. Brophy '83
    Anna J. Duff '88
    Erik S. Stamell '89
    Bradford P. Kroh '90
    Matthew L. Eriksen '90
    Nicole P. Bonk '92
    Rudy K. Yukich '00
    Alex S. Paul '07
    George N. Tepe '10
    Caroline B. Shinkle ‘11
    Andrew J. Wilson '12
    Ryan L. Polk   '13
    Gabriel Ervin ’20